Forefront Technology R & D
Mestract R & D Center
Mestract R & D Center
The Research and Development (hereinafter shortened as R & D) Center was established in 2009, and has the research...
Mestract R & D Field
Mestract R & D Field
With R & D and manufacturing experiences accumulated by Guangzhou Baoyan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter shortened as BAOYAN)...
Advanced Production Equipment
Workshop Environment
Mestract, the leading cosmetics manufacturer in domestic market, has strictly implemented the GMP and ISO22716 Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices for production workshop and environment, and passed the certifications of ISO9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO14001 Environment Management Systems and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health Safety Systems. ...
Production equipment
Fully-Automated Information Workshop
The management from the incoming and outgoing raw materials into warehouse to emulsification and production, and from the filling of products to the storage of finished products will be shown on the screen which was integrated with MES system, SAP system, and on-site controller (PLC)...
Production capacity
Mestract, at present, has closely cooperated with many famous brands and daily chemical chain brands in domestic market, established excellent cooperative relationship. Mestract has powerful production capacity ourselves, and can completely meet the requirements of production capacity by first line brand in domestic market.
Filling and Packing Facilities
Filling and Sealing Machines:To enhance the packing efficiency of products with soft tube packing, and easy to operate for workers.
Fully-automated water and emulsion and cream filling machine:
Facial Mask Filling Machine :It is exclusive for facial mask to fill essential liquid, and its sealing mouth is beautiful and the filling is accurate and safe.
Excellent Quality Management
Professional Marketing and Services
Mestract’s Latest News
Mestract 's moving story
About Us
Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is adjacent to splendid and grand Asian Games Village, lying to the beautiful and fascinating Lotus Flower Mountain, the steam whistle from the Seagull Island at the sea entrance nearby can be heard occasionally, and a group of white seagulls can be seen to fly over the sea surface...
Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is located in No.3, Nanli Road, Nanpu Village, Shiji Town, Panyu District, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, which is globalized OEM, ODM and OBM services enterprises integrating research and development of cosmetics raw materials, development of formula, processing and production with complete set of marketing planning services.
The Poem of Bees written by Yang Wanli depicted that “ The bees doesn’t eat the food in the world, only drinks the essential dew as the wine and flowers as the food, they are not busy in making honey and busy in collecting the nectar, the honey is made of the aroma from various flowers.”From ancient time to now, the bee is the symbol and incarnation of diligence and bravery, as long as there are followers in one place, there are the bees. To make the best honey, they flew more than ten thousands of kilometers and collected more than thousand of flowers just for obtaining one drop of pure and original and sweet honey.
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